Secure Email Gateway

Patented and pioneering

The multiple awarded Secure Email Gateway with its patented encryption solution from SEPPmail performs with its functionality, its simplicity and tremendous flexibilty. For more than 17 years banks, insurances companies, lawyers, governments and medical companies throughout Europe secure their electronic business traffic with the SEPPmail Secure Email Gateway. Stability, performance and availability, functionality and comfort are a few of the captivateing features of the Swiss prime product.

Automated Encryption
Security & Administration
Certificate Management
Enterprise Environment

Product Variants

The SEPPmail Secure Email Gateway is available as a harware platform in four different versions and suits company of all sizes as secure and simple mail encryption system.

Secure Email Gateway 500B

  • Upto 50 User
  • Desktop Format
  • Solid State Disk
  • Clustering / cascading

Secure Email Gateway 1000B

  • Upto 500 User
  • 19“ Rack Format / 1 U
  • Integrated harddrive
  • Clustering / cascading

Secure Email Gateway 3500B

  • Upto 5000 User
  • 19“ Rack Format / 1 U
  • Redundant HD and power supply
  • Clustering / cascading

Secure Email Gateway 5000B

  • Upto 5000 User
  • 19“ Rack Format / 2 U
  • Redundant HD and power supply
  • Clustering / cascading

Virtual Machines

All versions are also available as virtual machines. The SEPPmail virtual machines are compatible with VM Player, ESX, RedHat HyperVisor and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Performance Limit

The max number of users is unlimited in the larges VM. The perfomance limit is defined by the hardware of the host system.

Cloud Solution

The Secure Email Gateway ist also available as cloud solution. Please refer to our partner network for cloud installation.