Large File Transfer (LFT)

Everybody knows the problem of reaching the size limit when sending emails with large file attachments. Either the senders or the receipients email system throws an error and rejects the large message. SEPPmail provides an easy-to-use solution for this day-to-day problem.

  • If the size of a message exceeds a configurable limit this message is hold back on the SEPPmail gateway and is encrypted.
  • The receipient gets a GINA message where he can securely download the oversized attachment(s).
  • The storage time of the messages is limited and configurable
  • In the first contact the receipient gets an initial password delivered by SMS


  • Data does not leave the company into cloud systems, but will be provided encrypted for downloading over a secure channel
  • Data is sent comfortably with the usual mail client without any further interaction of the sender
  • Also an external sender can supply a huge amount of data onto the GINA portal
  • The product can be purchased and installed as an extention to an existing Secure Email Gaeway or also as stand-alone application