Product Portfolio

Secure E-Mail Gateway

box-secmailgatewayThe Secure Email Gateway encrypts fully automatically the whole mail traffic of your whole company in the background. The receipient does not need any special software and the internal employees can use their normal infrastructure to send the email. Learn more abou this easy-to-use security product on Secure Email Gateway

Central Disclaimer Management

All companies use disclaimer in emails to communicate contact data, logos, promotions to external receipients. The content of the disclaimers chenges over time. In order to ensure a consistent corporate identity this disclaimers have to managed and maintained. With a central disclaimer management this task is performed much easier than decentralized in every email client.

Large File Transfer

box-lftUp to now you were blocked by the limitations of your Internet service provider. This is over now: Send incredibly large files of several gigabytes just by normal email. The sender sends his large files with hi usual mail program as a normal attachment. The receipient then automatically gets a link to download the file. Learn more details for the Large File Transfer

Digital Signature Solution

box-signatureThe Secure Email Gateway encrypts all the email data automatically in the background. But there is also a solution to secure the integrity and trus to the outgoing email message by electronic signature. SEPPmail ensures the whole management of signature certificates, automatically signs outgoing mails and checks signatures of incoming mails. Learn more about Digital Signature Solutions