GINA Encryption

SEPPmail provides a patented technology to support external users without any secure email infrastructure. This technology requires on the receipients side only a web browser and the possibility to receive emails , i.e. a standard email program and an Internet connection. There are no further requirements for the receipients computer infrastructure

Ease-of-Use at Sender’s as well as Receipient’s Side

In order to encrypt an email message with the GINA technology it vertraulichis enough to mark the message as confidential or add a specific keyword in the subject line. It is not important whether there was any communication with this receipient before or not. The Secure Email Gateway checks if there was ever any communication with this email address. If not, a new key is generated for this external user. The sender does not need to do anything more.

The email message is encrypted with the key (either generated or found in the database) and is sent to the receipient. In the first communication exchange a secret password will be traferred to the receipient on another channel (SMS, telephone, fax etc.). Only with this secret password and the encrypted mail content together it will be possible to unlock the key and to decipher the message.

The receipient opens the encrypted attachment of his email, enters the secret password and the message automatically gets decrypted in the background. The reciepient does not need to do anything more. Of course it is also possible to answer securely to the sender.

Key Functionality

  • No software installation
  • Resistant to brute force attack
  • “Registered emails” possible
  • Works with all common email plattforms

  • No storage of email messages
  • Resistant against fishing
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Simple encrypted answers