Domain Encryption

The domain encryption feature provides one single encryption public key for the complete set of email addresses in one domain. In other words the whole company with  ten-thousand or hundred thousand email users only needs one single public key to communicate to external communication partners. Moreover this key can be read into another Secure Email Gateway somewhere in the world and the complete email traffic between this comany is totally secured.

Managed Domain Service

In order to automate the this amazing service, SEPPmail offers the Managed Domain Service. This services ensures that all connected SEPPmail Secure Email Gateways share their domain encryption keys with all oth

er SEPPmail Secure Email Gateways in the network. Therefore the complete email traffic between all SEPPmail customers is encrypted gatewa to gateway automatically and fully transparent without user interacion.

And the best thing: This service is offered at no extra cost


Ensure completely secure communication with all email addresses of over 5000 email domains out of the box, the first minute after installation