Digitale Signatur

Does an e-mail received really come from the person stated as sender? Did the message reach the recipient without any message-altering third-party interference? In order to answer these question positively, e-mails need to be digitally signed. This is the only way to authenticate the sender and message integrity.

SEPPmail’s secure e-mail gateways allow for simple digital signing of e-mails. S/MIME certificates (keys) are required for this application. These user or company-specific certificates confirm the authenticity of the sender and guarantee that the message reaches the recipient without being manipulated during transmission. It is recommended to use certificates issued from a publically accredited certificate authority (Official CA). This guarantees the highest level of trustworthiness. There is an automated direct connector to the global CA QuoVadis. Existing keys (S/MIME Certificates and openPGP Keys) can be seamlessly integrated into the SEPPmail system.

All standard e-mail clients support the receipt of digitally signed e-mails. Consequently, recipients do not need to install any specialist software components or tools.

Public Key Infrastruktur PKI

Key management and company-wide certificate rollout usually require a substantial investment of administrative resources. For instance, the key for each user has to be requested and installed on the respective client. Subsequently, companies have to teach the employees how to use the system. All of this is carried out without any guarantee that the technology will be accepted and used.

Thanks to “Managed PKI”, an innovative solution developed by SEPPmail, it is now possible to significantly shorten and simplify the entire PKI process (Public Key Infrastructure). All that the company needs to do is define which persons shall sign their e-mails. SEPPmail automatically carries out all the subsequent steps. When a user’s first outgoing e-mail is registered, the appliance automatically requests a certificate from SwissSign, an accredited and globally recognized certification authority. Subsequently, the e-mail is automatically signed in the name of the user, and its origin and integrity are verified. The Managed PKI Solution for automatic certificate issue and management collaboratively developed by SwissSign and SEPPmail may justifiably be called the simplest, most innovative and most cost-effective solution worldwide. Innovation – made in Switzerland.

Due to the fact that it has its own integrated CA (Certificate Authority), SEPPmail supports the automatic creation and revoking of S/MIME certificates in three different formats:

As self-signed CA
As Sub-CA of any official CA
As Managed PKI Solution combined with an accredited certificate authority

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