Digital Signature Solution

Apart from different encryption techologies the Secure Email Gateway of SEPPmail also excells in RFC conforming electronic signatures. This is key to ensure the authenticity and integrity of the delivered data or the email message repectively. Additionally, the public key of the sender can be distributed with the electronic signature, which is required for the encryption of reply messages.

People experienced in public key infrastructure (PKI) topics are aware of the high administrative effort required for the company-wide rollout of certificates. These have to be generated and trusted for each user and have to be installed on the corresponding client machines. Moreover all the users have to be trained without a warranty that finally this technology will be accepted and actively used.

Thanks to the innovative electronic signature solution of teh Secure Email Gateway from SEPPmail the whole PKI process will be accelerated and simplified massively. There only has to be a rule what employees are designed to sign their outgoing messages and all the rest is done automatically in the background.

Certificate Generation

With the first outgoing message of a new user the gateway automatically requests a trusted certificate at an accredited certification authority CA. Thereafter the email automatically is signed in the name of the user and therefore ensures the trusted origin and integrity.

With an installed MPKI in place, the keys will be generated for the specific user and only the public key is transfered to the trusted CA for signing it. The sensitive private key is stored in a highly secured area of the Secure Email Gateway and never leaves the gateway at no point in time.

Automated Signature:

The outgoing messages can be automatically signed in the name of the sender. This process can be easily adapted to the company policy through the integrated ruleset. It can be dependent of certain preconditions or the lookup in an LDAP database.

Manual Signature:

The signature of single messages can also be forced with the outlook plugin or with specific orders in the messages subject.