Client Benefits

Companies are protecting their data through firewalls, anti spam, anti virus and one-time password solutions from attacts and fraud of unauthorized users. Nonetheless there are still critical and confidential data sent out unprotected into the Internet by email messages,

Why should your company care about email security? What benefits and advantages are the products of SEPPmail providing to their customers? What processes are getting simplified by this?


Company have to comply to legal obligations like SOX, HIPAA, BASEL-II, PCI etc. If these regulations are not met there is is a major liability risk.

Information Protection

It is essential being able to send sensitive information, offers and data that are 100% secured out of the standard email system to business partners.

Automatic Key Detection

Digital signatures of all incoming emails are checked automatically. The public key of the sender is extracted and stored. The next time someone in the company is sending a message to this person the email will be encrypted automatically with the corresponding key.


Customers, service companies and partners expect secure communication channels and encryption standards while exchanging senstive data.

Simple Data Exchange

Extremely large files can be exchanged internally and externally with end-to-end encription without setting up another system or use different login credentials.

Seamless Integration

The solution is integrated fast and easily in the existing IT infrastrcture and works transparently for the end user. The system connects seamlessly into the whole communication path from sender to receipient.

Image & Reputation

The digital signature in the context of email traffic is a sign of quality and proofs to the receipient that sender and content are real and unchanged. This is especially important to companies that interact with data of their customers like tax consultants, lawyers, independent accountants etc.


Worldwide secure communication with any possible email receipient – without knowing anything about his email-infrastructure or security systems: this is GINA.


Digital signatures of all emails leaving the company enhance the trust in the company’s external email communication.

Cost Savings

The digitalisation of the postal processes can reduce the cost structure dramatically, i.e. sending the monthly payslips or other regulary letters with personal content.

Highly Automated

The possibilty to send out emails marked as “trusted” spontanly to anybody world wide. The system automatically choses the best suited encryption method (S/MIME, openPGP, Domain-Encryption, GINA) for this specific receipient.

Simple Administration

The simple, automated and intuitive administration simplifies the process of the IT department.