E-mail Encryption in Banking

The most part of information in the financial sector is highly confidential. Thus it is important for banks to also secure the electronic communication with their customers and other financial service providers from unauthorized access.

Thanks to its patented GINA-Technology SEPPmail offers the perfect solutions for banks to safely communicate with their customers: The customers do not need any encryption software and can continue to use their favorite e-mail program like MS Outlook.

The communication with other financial partners is either encrypted automatically if the partner uses a SEPPmail solution as well, or is secured by a certificate based encryption.

Reference Customers in Banking

Many large and small banks in the European finance centers are trusting in the encryption solutions of SEPPmail.

Folgende Kunden aus der Finanzbranche aus der Schweiz, Deutschland und Österreich vertrauen Ihre sensitive Kommunikation der Firma SEPPmail an:

Case Study Swiss Banker Association

The following document (in German) lays out the implementation of the SEPPmail solution in the Swiss Banker Association:

Fallstudie_SEPPmail_SBV (German)